Before you apply for insurance, the actuary wakes you up 5 Tips!

Do I want to find someone to invest for me or do I invest myself?

If you are not familiar with the investment market and want to find someone to invest for you, you can choose to purchase savings insurance. 短期保險The insurance company will invest your principal in a specified portfolio of assets to increase in value. After the policy expires, the insured can get back the policy value (guaranteed income) and bonus (non-guaranteed income) as the total income.

However, letting an insurance company invest for you will reduce the transparency of the investment process, including the investment strategy adopted by the insurance company, investment portfolio, actual investment income and losses, and the return paid to you. Therefore, if you have certain investment experience, you can choose to invest yourself and buy an additional basic life or critical illness protection, which will be a more effective method.

How long am I willing to lock my money in the savings insurance? What is the price of the insurance policy?

products with stable and high returns are naturally inelastic and low in liquidity. Long-term savings insurance often has a fund lock-up period. If the insured needs to use and withdraw the premium during the policy period but does not want to lose, he needs to wait until the guaranteed payback period. This payback period may vary from 10 years to 20 years. .

Furthermore, if the insured fails to obtain the return and surrenders the policy without waiting for the guaranteed return, not only will the insured lose part of the premium. Therefore, before insuring savings insurance, you must consider whether you have sufficient liquidity to cope with emergencies, and try not to surrender the insurance before the current period is guaranteed.

What is the past profit realization rate of the insurance company?

The dividend realization rate is a reference indicator for measuring the credit risk of an insurance company. The dividend realization rate measures whether the dividends promised by the insurance company in the past are paid as expected. Since non-guaranteed returns are usually linked to planned investments such as stocks and bonds, the past dividend realization rates of major insurance companies can be used to measure the realization rates of non-guaranteed returns.

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